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More Calls for Pentagon Cuts
A U.S. Defense Budget Worthy of Its Name
Deficits and Defense 11.19.2010
Coalition Issues Letter to Deficit Reduction Commission Regarding Military Spending
Letter to Deficit Reduction Commission Regarding Military Spending
Let the Games Begin: Bowles-Stimson, Defense, and the Way Forward
Does TRADOC Get It, or How the Army Views the World and Its Budget
Will Republican Gains Pump Up the Pentagon?
Cut (Really Cut) Military Spending
What is the Burden? The Future of European and American Defense Budgets
Why Have the Wars in Iraq and Afghanistan Been So Corrosive of Civil-Military Relations?
Drop Pretensions to Supremacy
The True Cost of the Iraq War: $3 Trillion and Beyond
Empire for Liberty 09.01.2010
Will the Defense Cuts do What Robert Gates Says They Will?
More Cuts for Robert Gates' Defense Department
The QDR's Catastrophic Report
Time to Discipline DOD
How to Cut Military Spending
Toward a Responsible Defense Budget
Defense Cuts: Start Overseas
Obama, Tell Me How this Ends
Obama's Folly
Time to Leave
Hollow Victory
The 'Safe Haven' Myth
False Dichotomy
Root Causes
New Afghan War Assumptions Must Be Weighed before a Surge
The Price of Security 11.06.09
Afghanistan: The Proxy War
Illusions of Victory
Who's Afraid of a Terrorist Haven?
U.S. Must Narrow Objectives in Afghanistan
Letter to President Obama Regarding Afghanistan
Coalition Issues Letter to President Obama Regarding Afghanistan
Withdrawal without Winning?
Doubting Afghanistan
Should the United States Withdraw from Afghanistan?
Win, Hold and Lose
The War We Can't Win
United Colors of Democracy
It's Time for U.S. To Leave Afghanistan
How Dangerous Are the Taliban?
Woodrow Wilson's War
Empire Falls
Another War, Another Defeat
Advice for the SecDef
Pentagon 1, Obama 0
Obama's Afghan Challenge
Obama: Break Your Afghan Pledge
The Case for Restraint
Picking Up after Failed War on Terror
Betting on the Wrong Donkey
Assessing the Surge 09.20.07
Being Right Matters
A Troubling Interventionist Consensus
D.C. Elites Want You to Shush on Iraq
Barack Obama's American Exceptionalism
America's Next Steps in Iraq 7.18.07
I Lost My Son to a War I Oppose. We Were Both Doing Our Duty.
A Dangerous Idea for Redeployment
Losing Mythic Authority
The Risks of Staying vs. Leaving Iraq
Event: The End of Alliances 05.01.07
'Your Iraq Plan?' Is a Pointless Question
Energy Alarmism: The Myths That Make Americans Worry about Oil
To Russia with Realism
Spinned Surge
Escaping the Trap: The Case for Withdrawal from Iraq 03.14.07
Rescinding the Bush Doctrine
U.S. Can Endure an 'Unfavorable Outcome' in the Iraq War
Event: The Silence of the Rational Center 2.13.07
Budgeting for Empire
The Myth of an al Qaeda Takeover of Iraq
Going for Broke
Osirak Redux?
How to Deal with Iran: Options for Today and for the Future 12.11.06
Withdrawal from Iraq: Some Pain Now or More Pain Later
What New Direction?
Bush Is Still 'The Decider'
A Republican Fratricide?
Fighting over Who Lost Iraq
A War, or Un-War?
Don't Blame Maliki for America's Iraq Problems
The U.S. Military and Counterinsurgency 11.02.06
Reconnecting With the Reality-Based Community
On the Offense
Christians in the Crossfire
America's World Role Has to be Realistic and Moral
Why America Keeps Losing 'Small Wars'
Pakistan's Russian Roulette of Terrorism
Misreading the Tea Leaves: U.S. Missteps on Foreign Policy
Liberating Ourselves
Ethical Realism 10.10.06
Beware a New Bush Doctrine
How to Really Win the War on Terrorism
Responding to Anti-Americanism in the Arab World 09.12.06
Bipartisan Disaster
Mind the Gap
Why Further Withdrawals by Israel Make Most Sense
Anti Iraq War, Pro Terror War
Slam-Dunk Wars Don't Equal Wins
Iraq or Bust
'Long War' a Tragic Misstep
The War on Terrorism Five Years after 9/11
Washington's Masochistic Policy in Iraq
The Left Gets Real
Isolationism? Hardly.
Bombs Won't Turn Lebanese Hearts
A Plan for Afghanistan
Jaw-Jaw Is Better Than War-War
What's an Iraqi Life Worth?
Leon Hadar Discusses Sandstorm 07.27.06
Paying Tomorrow's Military
Hasty Plans a Bigger Threat Than N. Korea
Divided and Conquered
The Two Fukuyamas
Right Against War with Iran 06.21.06
Winning the Un-War 06.14.06
Prophets in Their Own Land
Iran: Gulf War III?
Putin versus Cheney
Of Mullahs and MADness
Two Normal Nations 06.12.06
The Bush Administration Snubs Taiwan
Europe Undersells Diplomatic Expertise to U.S.
'Comrade Wolf' and the Mullahs
America Against the World: How We Are Different and Why We Are Disliked 05.16.06
Stability in Iraq and the Middle East 05.17.06
Christopher Preble Discusses Democracy Promotion 05.18.06
Announcing the Launch of Across the Aisle - A New Blog
Military Muscles Bulging in SE Asia
The United States May Have to Live With a Nuclear Iran
Free Speech for Generals
What We Know About Iran
At the Very Least, Let's Not Repeat Iraq
Fukuyama at the Crossroads
U.S. Must Offer Iran Diplomatic Deal
Insecurity With Insolvency
How to Get Out of the Iran Trap
Don't Let Iraq's Sunni-Shia Conflict Spread Through the Mideast
Sanctions Against Iran
What Victory Lost
How to Lose the Brain Race
Iran: The Logic of Deterrence
Winning the Un-War 04.18.06
Mission Improbable
A Disoriented U.S. Can't Lead on Iran
Weighing the Costs of Today's Defense Strategy
Prospects for Democracy in the Middle East 03.29.06
Time for Bush to Turn Realist
There Is Menace in America's Policy of Prevention
How China Can Reassure Neighbors, U.S.
What's Going on in Moldova?
Christopher Preble on Democracy Promotion 03.06.06
The Wrong Way to Fix Iran
With Good Intentions: U.S. Foreign Policy and Humanitarian Intervention 03.14.06
We Can Live with a Nuclear Iran
The Rise of U.S. Nuclear Primacy
The Rise of the Corporate State in Russia 03.07.06
Who Will Decide When We Leave Iraq?
Overstating Iran's Threat
Gary Hart Discusses "The Shield and the Cloak" 03.02.06
War in Error
Democracy and Its Discontents
Rethinking the Military's Mission
The Limits of Propaganda
Is "Old Europe" Doomed?
Revisions in Need of Revising: What Went Wrong in the Iraq War
The "Isolationism" Canard
Intelligence, Policy and the War in Iraq
Beyond Preemption and Preventive War
Democracy not an Export Item
Of Power and Providence
Dubious Assumptions about Iran
What Now for U.S. Middle East Policy?
The Gap between U.S. Rhetoric and Reality
What Isolationism?
Exit Strategy
Political Earthquake in Palestine
Bush's Call to Stay the Course Is Simply an Act of Folly
Peace Candidate, '68 Vintage
Getting Real(istic) About Nonproliferation
Policy of Restraint Offers Best Payoff
America's Coming War with China, Cato Book Forum, 01.25.06
If Not Empire, Then What?
Like Tourists with Guns
The West's Ukraine Illusion
The Imperious President
End this Evasion on Permanent Army Bases in Iraq
Coalition vs. Commentary, Round Two
Electing to Fight, Cato Book Forum, 01.12.06
The Jury Is Still Out on Iraqi Democracy
If U.S. Leaves, Al-Qaeda Will Not Inherit Iraq
Fear, and Other Tales of Empire
The Worst and the Dullest
Humanitarian Intervention and Democratization
Innocent Abroad
Debate: Islam vs. Western Civilization 12.13.05
Reducing Poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa through Trade
America on Its Own in Iraq War
Fighting Talk, but Who's Going to Fight?
Decadent America Must Give Up Imperial Ambitions
From Washington Think Tanks, Few Fresh Thoughts
The Future of American Military Strategy 12.5.05
An Iran Trap?
New Balance
The Weekly Standard's War
U.S. Should Call It a Wrap after Iraq Elections
Navigating America's China Challenge
Bad For You Too?
The War on Terror: Implications for Domestic Security and Civil Liberties 11.17 - 11.18.05
Should a Free Society Draft Its Citizens? 11.17.05
The Realist Persuasion
Fanning the Flames in the Balkans
A New Approach to US Foreign Policy
Stay What Course?
A Capitalist Peace?
War Powers in the Age of Terror
Dresden -- Budapest -- Tbilisi -- Baku
It's Still SNAFU for U.S. Intelligence Community
The Six-Party Talks and the Future of the North Korean Nuclear Program 11.2.05
The World Watches as U.S. Attempts Its Restoration
We Do Not Deserve These People
A New York State of Mind
Contrary As Usual
Cheney's Counterproductive Policies Toward Terrorists
The Emporer's New Consensus
Feeding a Failed State's Hungry
Bush Misreads History
Empire Without Apologies
United Nations Reform: Beyond the Blame Game 9.26.05
If You Can't Lick 'em, Try Diplomacy
Betting on a Bolder Japan
Conference: Beyond Bullets 9.21.05
The Curious Case of American Hegemony
Splitting Islam
Taming American Power
Conference: Terrorism, Security, and America's Purpose
Bring It On, and On, and On
Who Will Say 'No More'?
Call It a Day
CANCELLED: A Book Discussion with Leon Hadar 08.31.05
A Surprisingly Sober Look at China
Supporting the Troops
The Strategic Class
Military Wreckage
Who's Bearing the Burden?
Ethical Realism 7.13.05
Reconnecting to the World
Don't Dig Yourself in Deeper
Command Responsibility
Iraq: Exit or Empire?
Overestimating China's Help With North Korea
Shi'ites: Game; Kurds: Set; Sunnis: Match; US: Loss
Locking Down Loose Nukes 6.29.05
You and What Army?
Conference "The Past is Never Far Away," 6.23.05 - 6.25.05
A Discussion with Richard Haass 6.15.05
Fighting Blind in Iraq
Coalition, 2: Podhoretz, 0
The Good Strategist
The Lure of Military Society
Gary Hart on Democracies Confronting Terror 5.18.05
The Joys of Flying
Credit, deserved or not, goes to the winner
Eastern Fronts
True Patriots Should Worry More about Freedom at Home
How The Democrats Have Been Paralysed By Bush
Preserving a Nation: America's Security in the Age of Terrorism 4.23.05
Alliances and Counter-alliances in Asia
A June Attack on Iran: Will it Secure America?
Foreign Oil Dependence and National Security: What to Do? 5.5.05
No Schisms on the Right? Conservatives and U.S. Foreign Policy 5.10.05
The New American Militarism 5.27.05
International Law and Universal Empire: A View from the 18th Century
A Long and Blinding Road
Destiny Not in Iraqis' Hands
Forcing North Korea's Hand
Sharansky's Double Standard
Michael Desch Speaks to the San Antonio World Affairs Council
Andrew Bacevich Discusses Iraq and the Bush Doctrine
Taiwan as security-free rider
Spreading Democracy: By Force or Example?
Bush's choice: messianism or pragmatism?
In the National Interest
Ending Tyranny: Easier Said Than Done
Loaded With Dynamite
Defense Spending, National Security, and the War on Terrorism 2.10.05
How America Became the World's Dispensable Nation
Transatlantic Relations After the Inauguration 1.31.05
Chasing Liberty
Spreading Democracy Worldwide
Folly in Exporting 'Liberty'
Ending the Israeli-Palestinian Stalemate Will Help Win the War on Terror
Christopher Preble discusses John F. Kennedy and the Missile Gap
Ending the Israeli-Palestinian Stalemate and US National Security
Rift is Real, but Curable
Ending the Israeli-Palestinian Stalemate
The Korean Conundrum 01-12-05
Not All Nuclear Is Bad
Iraq and the Election of 2004
No Adult Supervision
American Nationalism: Addressing the Challenge of Identity and Threat
Lessons from the Iraq War
The Perils of Occupation
Security Scholars for a Sensible Foreign Policy - An Open Letter to the American People
Security Scholars for a Sensible Foreign Policy - Signatories
Security Scholars for a Sensible Foreign Policy - Signatories (Part 2)
Implications of the Iraq War
Neocons Forced to Face Reality
Gary Hart discusses The Fourth Power
"Neo-Wilsonianism" and Neo-Nonsense
Springtime for Realism - Discussion Forum
The Unrealism of American Empire
Are We Better-off Without Saddam?
Is Kerry Different from Bush on Iraq?
Fuzzy Math on Iraq
Empire Has Shattered American Credibility
Bush's Foreign Policy Process Is the Big Problem
Nation-Building Exposes GOP's House Divided
Iraq's Future: Sovereignty or 'Sovereignty'
Defense Spending in a Time of War
U.S. Global Primacy and National Security: Choices for the Next President
The Costs of Empire
Intelligence Failures Come in Many Shapes and Sizes
Neo-Cons "Out?" Realists "In?"
Happier, not Safer
The Difference between Germany, Japan, and Iraq
Time to Leave Iraq
Democracy for Whom?
Welcome to the Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy