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Being Right Matters

August 10, 2007

Cato Foreign Policy Analyst Justin Logan wants foreign policy pundits to be held accountable, and he has an intriguing idea for turning his wishes into reality.

The article was published at The National Interest Online.

Justin Logan is a foreign policy analyst at the Cato Institute and the author of numerous papers and articles, including Failed States and Flawed Logic: The Case against a Standing Nation-Building Office.

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A Troubling Interventionist Consensus

August 08, 2007

Responding to a recent Washington Post op ed by Robert Kagan and Ivo Daalder, David Rieff and Christopher Preble question the capacity of the foreign policy community to rescue America from Iraq and other debacles so long as they remain enthralled by military intervention.

The article appears in its entirety at The National Interest Online.

David Rieff is the author of At the Point of a Gun: Democratic Dreams and Armed Intervention. Christopher Preble is director of foreign policy studies at the Cato Institute.

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D.C. Elites Want You to Shush on Iraq

August 02, 2007

Atlantic Monthly blogger Matthew Yglesias fixes on the bipartisan disaster that is our foreign policy.

The article was published in the Los Angeles Times, and is available online here:,0,2911324.story?coll=la-opinion-center

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