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Coalition Issues Letter to Deficit Reduction Commission Regarding Military Spending

November 18, 2010

The press release for the letter issued by the Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy and the Project on Defense Alternatives to the president's deficit reduction commission. The letter, signed by more than 45 scholars and policy experts, was delivered to the commissioners on Tuesday, November 16, 2010.

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More Calls for Pentagon Cuts

The New America Foundation's William Hartung discusses several of the suggestions for cutting the defense budget at TPMCafe.

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A U.S. Defense Budget Worthy of Its Name

With the incoming Congress promising to cut spending, a good starting point is the U.S. defense budget. Benjamin H. Friedman and Christopher Preble argue that we can save great sums and improve national security by narrowing our military goals and adopting a defense budget worthy of its name.

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Let the Games Begin: Bowles-Stimson, Defense, and the Way Forward

The Stimson Center's Gordon Adams praises the co-chairs of the president's deficit reduction commission for proposing defense cuts, but points out that the real issue is the strategy that demands current spending levels.

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Will Republican Gains Pump Up the Pentagon?

The New America Foundation's William Hartung discusses the possible effect of Republican gains in Congress on the debate over defense budget cuts

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Cut (Really Cut) Military Spending

Christopher Preble of the Cato Institute makes the case for cutting military spending in the pages of Foreign Policy magazine.

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