About Us

The Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy is a group of scholars, policy makers and concerned citizens united by our opposition to an American empire. The Coalition is dedicated to promoting an alternative vision for American national security strategy that is consistent with American traditions and values.

The Coalition has attracted interest and participation from individuals from across the political spectrum. The effort began as an informal study group, but has evolved into a formal response to the prominent think tanks and publications that are openly advocating an activist American foreign policy in which the United States would use its predominant military and economic power to promote change abroad.

While few oppose the goal of political and economic liberalization, many individuals question both the morality and the efficacy of using military force and diplomatic pressure to achieve these aims. This was the starting point for our discussion, and continues to be the organizing principle (Statement of Principles) on which we operate.

In order to counter the arguments of those who favor empire, the Coalition holds conferences, and media events, promotes research, and communicates a vision of the alternatives to American empire, including a restrained foreign policy that protects American interests.

The Coalition is supported by individuals who share our vision, and who approve of our mission. The members represent themselves as individuals, and not as affiliates of other institutions or organizations. If you would like to contribute to our activities, our mailing address is:

Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy
1220 L Street, NW
Suite #100-221
Washington, DC 20005-4018

If you would like to learn more about the Coalition, please e-mail us at realisticfp@gmail.com