Coalition Statements

The following statements have been issued by the Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy.

Letter to Deficit Reduction Commission Regarding Military Spending, November 2010

The Coalition for a Realistic Foreign Policy and the Project on Defense Alternatives issued a letter to the president's deficit reduction commission urging them to include military spending in their deficit reduction plans.

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Letter to President Obama Regarding Afghanistan, September 2009

A group of eminent authors and international affairs scholars wrote President Obama expressed their concern about expanding the U.S. military commitment to Afghanistan. The signers included many who had publicly opposed the invasion of Iraq before it began. In the letter, the signatories pointed out that the administration's goals in Afghanistan were growing overly ambitious, that achieving them was unlikely, and that their pursuit would come at expense of other national priorities, both foreign and domestic.

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Ending the Israeli-Palestinian Stalemate, January 2005

A new statement from the Coalition urges the United States to assist in negotiating a formal end to the Israeli-Palestinian stalemate as a way to improve U.S. national security objectives in the Middle East.

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The Perils of Occupation, October 2004

In this election season, we still need a realistic debate over the most costly and dangerous American foreign policy action in recent history: the military occupation of Iraq. We are a diverse group of scholars, analysts and former government officials from across the political spectrum who believe that the use of military force to direct the internal affairs of other nations is detrimental to American national security.

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The Perils of Empire, October 2003

Against the backdrop of an ever-bloodier conflict in Iraq, American foreign policy is moving in a dangerous direction toward empire.

Worrisome imperial trends are apparent in the Bush administration's National Security Strategy. That document pledges to maintain America's military dominance in the world, and it does so in a way that encourages other nations to form countervailing coalitions and alliances. We can expect, and are seeing now, multiple balances of power forming against us. People resent and resist domination, no matter how benign.

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